The IFE line includes 5 types of products, divided into the following lines:

FOOD SUPPLEMENTS  in capsule form with mixtures of dried plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed to have the best synergistic effect.

GEMMOCOMPLEX line: gliceroalcholical  formulations from plant extracts and fresh buds from producers that do NOT use chemical pesticides.

FITOCOMPLEX  line: liquid formulations of hydroalcoholic from fresh plant extracts from producers that do NOT use chemical pesticides.

AROMA COMPLEX line:  based on mixtures of essential oils with natural anti-bacterial and antibiotic effect.

PAEDIATRIC SYRUPS line: including mixtures of gliceroalcoliciextracts, hydroalcoholic and fluids from crops that do not use chemical pesticides.

TABLETS  line based on vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

COSMETICS Oxoil ® uses its three international patents filed in November 2006 with a technologically innovative system for the production of ozonized active principles.

IFE is authorized by the Ministry of Health and each product is notified and approved by the Ministry of Health.
Dietary supplements are produced according to the directions contained in Law 111/92 (and following modifications), and declared to the Ministry of Health.

Our products are more than 100. If you do not have time to look at our complete catalog, see the section "Our best products" (where there is a selection) and search the products for symptoms.