Phytotherapy is a therapeutic practice within the natural medicine (or alternative medicine) that uses substances contained in plants as a cure.

It is an ancient practice used by people to treat their disorders: there are traces, indeed, in many civilizations as the Egyptian, Hindu, Greek, Chinese, Roman, between the ancient civilizations of South America and Africa ...

The herbal medicine was shelved with the advent of the first chemical and synthetic drugs, but then was rediscovered in recent decades, both as a complementary method to the traditional one, and as a remedy that has less problems with contraindications and side effects.

Herbal substances used in phytotherapy are many and all-natural, are collected in their period of greatest effect and then treated to enhance its healing properties.

Many drugs are synthetic versions of plant extracts, which contain active ingredients that are derived from a plant component.

Eg. Willow => Salicin => acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin)

Normally the herbal products are available in capsules or tablets that make them easy to use, or as a tincture: a mixture of alcohol and water, in which the plant is immersed for a certain period.

We must however consider that not all natural products are completely harmless, there may be risks of overdosing or other contraindications.

We must follow the dosage, or better, consult an expert before using them.

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